Chapter 14
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Adelynn came to coughing. It was a deep, harsh cough that felt as though it were shaving away layers of her throat as it forced its way out.

She pushed herself up and coughed more, her head light and aching. Her rucksack, lying next to her, had been opened. On top of it was her waterskin. She grabbed it and took generous gulps.

She sat, trying to remember where she was and what had happened. She looked around, seeing only trees and a grey sky overhead. Grey. Smoke. She stood, shakily, and turned to see the Firewalker standing nearby, watching her.

Adelynn tried to think. Something was missing. Someone.

“Ryl,” she said, her voice strained, and looked at the Firewalker. “Where is Ryl?”

The Firewalker smirked. “That boy you were with?”

Adelynn tried to...

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