Chapter 79
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Neba grabbed at Adelynn’s wrist again but this time Adelynn moved aside, dodging the Firewalker’s grasp.

“Stop!” Adelynn shouted, keeping her eyes on Neba as she moved backwards.

“We need to leave,” Neba snarled at her.

“We can’t turn back now,” Adelynn insisted. “We’re so close to Enadell.”

“They’ll kill you if you go to Enadell!”

“That’s always been a risk. I could be killed even if they didn’t know who I was. Firewalkers don’t just let humans wander around their city!”

“This is different,” Neba huffed, lunging again towards Adelynn, but missing as Adelynn moved out of her reach once more. “They’ll be looking for you now. Hunting you.”


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