Chapter 78
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“Time to go,” the voice said, and Adelynn sighed her relief.

“Neba,” she whispered, turning to look the Firewalker in the face. “Thank goodness.”

Neba wore a wary expression. Her face looked as though it had paled - if that was even possible for a Firewalker - and a strange look glinted in her eyes. Anger? No. That wasn’t quite it.

The crowd jostled them, voices roaring over one another as fire engulfed many of the Firewalkers’ hands.

One Firewalker shoved his way past Neba, knocking her forward toward Adelynn. Adelynn braced herself for the impact, but Neba shifted her weight and then shoved at the offending Firewalker’s back. The man looked back over his shoulder and sneered at Neba, but continued pushing forward through the crowd until he r...

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