Chapter 77
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The room erupted into shouts and gasps. Adelynn stood in shock, her eyes locked onto the corpse of the orange-eyed Firewalker that she’d killed. Her mind flashed back to how the Firewalker had screamed when she’d pressed her stone to his chest. And how Neba had come to her rescue, providing the last bit of heat she had needed in the absence of a flare, and destroying the Firewalker. How Neba had carried her to safety, away from Lyulf and the other Firewalker as they marveled over the impossibility of what Adelynn had done to their friend.

“This is all that is left of Hakan!” Lyulf roared, helping his companion to hoist the singed corpse overhead, so that the crowd could see.

The crowd yelled in response to this. A few Firewalkers near Adelynn seemed to be amazed - their expressio...

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