Chapter 76
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Once inside, Adelynn was immediately overwhelmed by the heat of the room. The tavern, filled with Firewalkers, was sweltering. She’d never seen so many Firewalkers in one place, but it made sense that the room - packed tightly with the beings - would retain all the heat they naturally emitted.

Crouching low, Adelynn looked around - one hand on her rucksack in case she needed her stones. But miraculously, it appeared that none of the Firewalkers had noticed her entrance. All their eyes were drawn to the other end of the building. They spoke over one another as they shifted and peered in the opposite direction of Adelynn.

With a couple quick steps, Adelynn found a small table in the nearby corner of the room. She crouched under it and pressed herself into the corner as best she could, tryi...

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