Chapter 75
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Adelynn gave a sigh as she emerged from the inn. It was dusk and the air fell about her like a warm shawl. The heat was indicative that they were on the brink of a flare, but it felt good for a moment against her cold hair and skin.

She hadn’t encountered any Firewalkers in the hallway or entryway of the inn. She looked about and still saw no one. Her heart thumped as she began walking through the settlement, expecting at any moment to bump into a Firewalker.

But there was no one.

She walked about, inspecting the beautiful carvings that decorated each of the small buildings. She felt for her notebook in her bag and made a few quick sketches of the patterned carvings.

She wandered for a while, weaving in and out of the buildings. She guessed that there were about th...

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