Chapter 73
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Adelynn took the key - a heavy piece of wrought iron and looked at the door they’d come to a stop in front of. It had a strange symbol on it that matched the one on her key.

Carefully, Adelynn fit the heavy key into the lock, then turned it. The door gave a faint click. But when Adelynn went to push the door open, she found it was heavy. Extremely heavy.

She struggled for a moment, straining against the door, before it finally gave way and slid open.

Adelynn glared at Neba for the lack of help the Firewalker had offered. The door would not have been such a challenge for a Firewalker’s superior strength. Clearly, this place was not built for humans.

“My room is here,” Neba said, motioning to the door across the hall. “But I’m going out to scout...

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