Chapter 13
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“So what?” Ryl asked after Adelynn had finished.

Adelynn rolled her eyes. “Zaid was the first Firewalker, Ryl.”

“Why? Because he had a fever? That doesn’t make him a Firewalker. I’ve had fevers before and I’ve never-”

“Because he ate the flower,” Adelynn sighed.

“The...flower? That’s how Firewalkers got their powers? From a flower?”

“That’s what’s in the book.” Adelynn pulled some bread from her bag.

“Okay, let’s say that that’s what happened. Didn’t he die in Kroän from the knife wound?”

“No, he lived - you know that Firewalkers can’t be killed. He set the town on fire with his bare hands. And when he was done, he...

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