Chapter 71
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Flames flew from Neba’s hand, but Adelynn pressed her knee into the Firewalker’s shoulder blade.

Neba cried out in agony, shooting fire wildly off to the side.

Adelynn took this moment to pull a stone from her bag, holding the hot thing in her hand, she gritted her teeth and grazed Neba’s shoulder with it.

Neba screamed and Adelynn pulled her arm back, the stone still clutched firmly in her hand. She looked down at the Firewalker, but before she could speak, Neba threw Adelynn off her. Shocked by the Firewalker’s sudden burst of strength, Adelynn rolled away, finding her footing just as Neba did. Without thinking, Adelynn crouched under a stream of flame that the Firewalker shot at her, then lunged for Neba again, grabbing at her outstretched arm and pressing the stone into her bi...

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