Chapter 69
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Adelynn’s heart was beating so fast that she thought it would leap somehow leap from her chest. Her training forced her to move slowly, casually. But her head told her to run. To get out of the inn. To put as much distance as possible between herself and these bounty hunters.

She hurried up the staircase, her footsteps light but her head pounding in rhythm with her heart. She needed to find Neba. To tell her what she’d overheard. To get out of here and head straight for Enadell.

But as she turned the corner down the hall toward her room, she ran directly into Nassella.

“Miss Barslee,” the old woman greeted her. “Returning from breakfast?”

“Hello,” Adelynn said dully, reminding herself of the fake name she’d given to Nassella the previous nigh...

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