Chapter 10
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The room was dark when she woke, making Adelynn think it was still night. But as the memories of the past day came back to her in gradual, tiring waves, she remembered that there was - or had been - a flare. The window coverings were drawn shut, forcing out all light.

She flexed her right hand, instinctively moving her left to massage it, but stopped. Her hand didn’t hurt as badly as it normally did. It hardly hurt at all. She flexed it again and remembered Ryl’s new salve. It was still working.

With slow movements, she started assessing the rest of her body. Her head was sore, her neck stiff, her joints tired. Her progress was slow, like a wary, wounded animal.  She moved into a propped-up position, then into sitting. Her legs didn’t want to move, protesting with soreness from...

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