Chapter 68
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Morning came, breaking gently through the gap between the curtains in Adelynn’s room. She wasn’t entirely certain if it was the sunlight that woke her, or the tightness in her right hand. Either way, she woke slowly, enjoying stretching her arms and legs, then wincing as she remembered her injuries.

She moved lazily, retrieving the salve from her bag and rubbing it on her hand. Momentarily, her mind skipped back to the time she’d woken in Tar’s inn in Redwick, Ryl having spent all night asleep in a chair in the corner of her room, watching her to make sure she was alright. That was the night she’d watched him mix the salve that gave her hand so much relief. A pang of guilt made her heart stutter for a moment. But she put the salve away and steeled herself. Ryl was fine. Probab...

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