Chapter 67
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Adelynn hadn’t realized how badly she’d missed the feeling of a good bath. She soaked in the refreshing water for quite some time, wondering how long she’d need to give it before the dirt that seemed ingrained in her skin began to loosen. She winced as she cleaned out the wounds on her arm and leg, rinsing with soap and and the steamy bath water.

After emerging from the bath, feeling like an entirely new person, Adelynn rubbed salve onto her right hand. She then slathered it over her cleaned cuts, hoping the thick salve would help her skin knit back together.

She refilled her waterskin from the bathroom tap and drank generously, gulping it down and only stopping when a knock sounded at the door. She tensed momentarily, wondering if it were Neba - or worse, people coming for Neba - un...

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