Chapter 9
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At dinner, Ryl spoke with the drunk men, all laughing and discussing hunting. Everyone ate well and Liddie was visibly relieved that there was no more talk of Firewalkers. Adelynn noted to herself the absence of the woman that had been staring at her during lunch and was glad to be rid of her for the meal.

The dinner ran late into the night, and by the time Adelynn climbed the stairs to her room, she was pleasantly exhausted. The flare seemed to have reached its peak, the temperature on the wall thermometer now dipping. She went back to her room to start packing her items before sleeping, knowing she and Ryl would be leaving for Delgren in the morning.

She closed the door to her room behind her, but before she could turn on the light, a hand grabbed at the back of her shirt.

A sharp pa...

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