Fine Lines and Ambiguities
By Naseem Jamnia

Tamara Miles      6/26/16 9:39 AM

Fascinating material --- I hear both the beauty and pain of your growing and loving experiences, the loving of self and of other. Ah, the weird relationship, the fascination and occasional confusion, the coming and going. I understand --- and that's just the relationship with food. The other... yes, that too. I look forward to reading more from you. Blessings.

Lori Minutoli      5/21/15 3:25 AM

I absolutely love the frankness of your writing. You are fearless or so it seems. I marvel at the depth you are will go with written words and wonder if you speak the same way. I know that I do not. I trip, fall, and even roll backwards when I speak words. I am amazed that you say whatever is on your mind. It inspires me and at the same times makes me feel awkward but then I applaud you for embracing it as art and harnessing the freedom that comes with writing. Out of all the series I subscribed to I noticed I came right to yours to read whatever I missed. To me, that speaks volumes. Nice job!