How To Tell If You’re Watching A Movie Through The Male Gaze (4)
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are providing a service to men, who are the customer. While the women move in a physically dominant way, it is for the visual pleasure of men, and the men have the economic power. It is always used as an opportunity for two or more male characters to confront each other in a masculine way, and the eroticism of the setting, coupled with the high number of half-naked women milling about serves to emphasise that masculinity. Lastly, in movies, the strip club dehumanises women by reducing them to their body parts – with no story of their own. They are simply sexualised objects passing through the story of a man.

But, the thing that makes this the worst aspect of all is the fact that, usually, the film that is most likely to head into a strip club for a scene or two is the film that is most likely to...

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