Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice (2)
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that are truly disturbing. Here we have a gut-wrenching depiction of the danger a woman can face when saying "no" to a man who feels entitled to acquiescence. The result is that, Senator Finch is absent for the second half of the movie because, like Mercy Graves, she is dead.

Lois Lane (Amy Adams) is obviously important to the plot – insofar as she is the perennial damsel-in-distress. In fact, she is almost (but not quite) the exact opposite of the character she appeared to be in Man Of Steel. Her 2013 appearance saw her play an active role – definitively moving the plot forward herself. She repeatedly saved Superman/Clark Kent – which meant they were saving each other - and lent tangible assistance in the saving of the world. In Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, by co...

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