The Lego Movie (1)
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Unarguably, The Lego Movie is a five-star endeavour. It is a phenomenal piece of filmmaking, with fantastic pacing, excellent comedy, and a story that carries a wonderful message about the fostering of creativity, and the power of play. It even succeeds on a satirical level as an observation of global politics. It is impossible to watch the film and not leave the experience with a smile on your face, and inspiration in your heart. There is one problem, though – this is a very different movie for girls than it is for boys.

Being a mother who is now in her late thirties, with two Lego-loving sons, it is a little jarring. I have a love of Lego, and a childhood filled with memories of hours spent building and creating with the interlocking brick system. Back then (in the 1980s) Lego was for everybody...

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