#149 - The Witches of Eastwick (2)
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power and using it against him, the women manage to hurt Daryl and successfully banish his corporeal form from their daily lives. However, as the final scene unfolds, we learn that each woman has given birth to a son, and now live together in Lenox Mansion. While the women are not looking, Daryl appears on a television in the infants’ playroom, and tries to talk to his sons. The women see this happening, and turn of the televisions – because now, they control the access within the relationship. It appears, at first glance, that they have assumed the dominant position.

But, they are still in his Mansion, and they are raising his sons. This is great for Jane, who struggled with infertility and longed for a child of her own. But Alex and Sukie were already mothers. In fact, Sukie already gave bir...

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