#147 - Promising Young Woman (3)
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her body.

There are two points to made here. Firstly, when Cassie finally sets out on a quest for revenge, it only results in her own death. Secondly, the horrifying way in which the murder and disposal of Cassie is shot speaks directly to the idea of men viewing women as disposable; as so much collateral damage on their own path to success. These white men – with all their “locker room talk,” objectifying glances, enabler girlfriends, and histories of sexual assault – live in the expectation that society will let it all slide so they can get on with fulfilling their potential as promising young men, because they are the priority. This expectation is supported by the fact that society does, for the most part, let it a lot of it slide. The result of that level of expectation is indignant a...

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