#145 - Ready Or Not (2)
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625px; height: 417px;" type="image" />The maids and their deaths are significant comedic elements in the film. They represent ‘the rule of three.’ Clara and Tina are accidentally murdered by Emilie, so when Grace finds Dora hiding in the dumb waiter, terrified that she might also accidentally be murdered, we know that she is about to meet her demise in one way or another. Rather than falling foul of Emilie’s mistakes, however, Dora accidentally crushes herself in the electronic doors of the dumb waiter while trying to alert the family to Grace’s location.

In addition to playing into the dark comedy, this moment speaks to the role of complicity in the story. Dora’s actions here mirror those of the young Daniel during the cold open of the film – yelling, “she’s here!&rdqu...

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