#140 - Die Hard With A Vengeance (2)
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the film. McClane refers to her repeatedly, as do his colleagues. It is always with the implication that his alcoholism is somehow partly her fault, though, and that he might magically be cured if they were to reconnect. This is in keeping with the general attitude that this movie has towards women – that they exist for the purpose of performing emotional labour. Holly is revered as the cure to all McClane’s problems, while the precious few women who actually appear in the film all serve to tend the needs of others.

The only woman that McClane encounters as a colleague is Detective Connie Kowalski (Colleen Camp). She is a tenacious, experienced officer who willingly leaps to action when dangers arises. At the end of the second act, for example, she and Detective Joe Lambert (Graham Greene) spot three c...

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