#139 - My Week With Marilyn (3)
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in 1962.

These incongruities and blatant falsehoods cast doubt on the rest of the claims made by Colin Clark in his source novels, then, and the whole thing plays like the fever dream of a resentful Monroe obsessive – albeit slightly tempered by the misguided pleadings of the screenwriter’s avatar. While the film may pay fleeting reference to the toxic regard in which so many men held Marilyn Monroe, it is far too vague in its rendering, and ultimately undermined by the fact that the very men responsible for this movie exhibit the exact same attitude toward their subject. The thing that is most sickening about this male-gaze driven attempt to possess the story of a dead woman, however, is that while Colin Clark speaks for the original author, and Milton H. Greene speaks for the screenwriter, nobody is s...

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