#133 - This Is Spinal Tap (2)
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kind of exploitative album cover art that became widespread through the rock music genre throughout the 1980s, overlapping with imagery of women in movies and television.

To be clear, there aren’t many women in This Is Spinal Tap but, when they are included, they are characters that serve the very specific purpose of creating a feminist satire within the overall narrative. First, there’s Bobbi Flekman’s dose of cover art reality. Then, there’s Jeanine Pettibone (June Chadwick), who is the girlfriend of David St Hubbins. Jeanine is a devotee of yoga and astrology, which suggests she is very much the opposite of Bobbi’s business-minded, focused record label executive. However, when she joins the band halfway through their tour, she very quickly begins to insert herself into their business de...

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