#132 - Bladerunner 2049 (3)
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and from other dystopian movies, its attempts to do so are lazy. Firstly, it simply flips one of the main plot points from Bladerunner. Where Rick Deckard spends the first film questioning whether he is a replicant, based on his memories, so K spends 2049 questioning whether he is a human, based on the same.

Secondly, it takes the ‘chosen one’ premise from The Matrix (and countless other post-Matrix movies), and creates a bait-and-switch in the narrative. After K has spent the second act becoming convinced that he is, in fact, the child of Rick Deckard and Rachael, Freysa reveals to him that the Replicant Freedom Movement has been waiting for the child to return to them, to lead them in their revolution, but that the child is a girl.

K realises that the...

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