#132 - Bladerunner 2049 (2)
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Davis) – a replicant sex worker. Freysa tasks Mariette with keeping track of K, which is made somewhat easier when K’s AI girlfriend Joi (Ana de Armas) hires her to have sex with him. That’s right. K’s girlfriend is an artificial intelligence computer projection named Joi, and Joi hires a sex worker replicant to have sex with K, so that she can overlay her with her projection, and experience some kind of intimacy with him.

Does that sound familiar? Of course it does. Spike Jonze made a whole movie about it back in 2013, titled Her. The point is that it is wholly unnecessary in Bladerunner 2049. There are countless other plot contrivances that could achieve a scene in which Mariette is able to slip a tracking device into K’s jacket – it doesn’t need to invo...

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