#131 - Blade Runner (3)
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connection. He realises that this gives them value, thanks to Rachael.

One of the most infamous aspects of Blade Runner and its seven different versions is the ambiguity that exists around Deckard’s own nature. The film necessarily has him question his own identity – through Rachael asking him whether he has ever performed the test on himself. A dream sequence featuring a unicorn, mirrored by his colleague Gaff leaving an origami unicorn as a threatening calling card as Deckard and Rachael make their escape, is intended to highlight this internal questioning. If Deckard is not a replicant, perhaps the unicorn means that Rachael is the mythological replicant that beats the four-year lifecycle limit. Or perhaps it indicates the same about Deckard.

In the final analysis, however, as Deckard us...

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