#131 - Blade Runner (2)
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with them, too, but it is Pris that manipulates Sebastian by displaying submissiveness.

She is tactile and willing to spend time with Sebastian in order to get what she and Roy need from him. She creates a trap for Deckard in Sebastian’s apartment by posing as one of his toys, and then attacks him. She does so in an intimate way – almost killing him with her thighs. When Deckard finally shoots her, it is a traumatic death that involves screaming and violent convulsions. Indeed, when he fires the last shot at her seizing body, it is almost an act of mercy on his part.

Then, there is Rachael. Deckard doesn’t kill her at all. On the contrary, he saves her. This is notable, because she is the one replicant that has submitted to him completely. In her femme fatale role, she essentiall...

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