#127 - The Old Guard (2)
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freeing so-called heretics from the witch trials. But then Andy and Quynh, they were accused of witchcraft themselves, and they were trapped and caught. When they didn’t die, it proved their case and they got sentenced again and again.”

This monologue is spoken over footage of Andy and Quynh (Van Veronica Ngo) fighting together in their battles, and eventually being tortured as “witches.” Finally, Quynh is ripped from Andy’s side and locked, screaming, into an ‘Iron Maiden’ coffin. As Andy cries out in anguish, Quynh’s coffin is dropped from the side of the ship they are aboard, and is left to drown – over and over again for millennia. Joe and Nicky explain that they helped Andy search for Quynh for decades, but they never found her, and this is Andy’s tragi...

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