#125 - First Reformed (4)
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>Here, the power lies in Ethan Hawke’s performance. The micro-expressions on his face tell us all we need to know about the shift in his thinking. He now has a new target, and a fresh and righteous justification for projecting his growing self-loathing. He begins to stalk Ed Balq around town, obsessing over his alleged crimes and veering into extremism. Just as Michael’s distress was not really about impending fatherhood, so Toller’s distress is not really about environmental damage. It’s about the internal spiritual damage Balq just perpetrated against him in Millie’s Pancake House.

There is nothing more dangerous than a white man who has been humiliated – especially by another white man – and Toller begins fixing up Michael’s explosive vest. He plans to use it during the Reconse...

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