#123 - Josie and the Pussycats (2001) (3)
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Patriarchal ideal. Following that lead, Fiona determines that Josie is the token woman, and focuses all her attention on her. This is alien to The Pussycats, who have always enjoyed an egalitarian friendship bond between the three of them. They still get sucked into that trap, though, by the nefarious methods of MegaRecords.

So let’s examine the motives of Fiona. She has harnessed the greed of giant corporations to rise to the top of a media company that is a ‘front’ for an insidious and effective mind control operation. Under her oversight, this long-running project has successfully manipulated economic and social trends – from fashion and technology consumerism, to developments in slang and identity politics. It’s all geared toward creating conformity, and crushing individualism and free will. W...

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