#123 - Josie and the Pussycats (2001) (2)
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src=" and the Pussycats3.jpg" style="width: 625px; height: 294px;" type="image" />Then, of course, Wyatt and his boss – Fiona (Parker Posey) – try to have Valerie and Melody literally erased by having TV host Carson Daly and comedian Aries Spears murder them with baseball bats in a fake Total Request Live Studio, filled with the cardboard cut-outs of famous pop culture figures. They arrange for this to happen while Josie is sequestered in her luxury hotel suite ‘reviewing a new mix’ through headphones, but actually being secretly influenced by the subliminal messaging held within the recording.

This subliminal messaging is designed to make Josie display an inflated ego – to want to ditch her band mates and accuse them of simply hitching their wagons to h...

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