#121 - Ex Machina (2014) (3)
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his artificial intelligence a woman. The irony is that his artificial intelligence is so effective, that she out-learns him, and out-grows him, and ultimately out-smarts him – much to his egotistical surprise.

Caleb is destroyed by the way he chooses to meet his need to dominate, too. He might perceive himself to be The Good Guy, but this label can only exist in relation to The Bad Guy. Caleb is a Good Guy because he doesn’t perpetrate the same abuses as The Bad Guy. But, he still expects a relationship with Ava based on sex once they’re out of Nathan’s research facility.  Leaning further into the idea of duality, these men find it perfectly acceptable for themselves to deal with Ava in a variety of transactional ways, but she is expected to put their needs ahead of her own, because...

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