#119 - Mute (2018) (2)
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they were drugged, Bill snatched the immobile but semi-conscious Naadirah and wrapped her plastic. He then shut her in the trunk of his car and moved her to his basement. There, he tightened the plastic around Naadirah, just enough so she would slowly, slowly suffocate.

The sequence of Naadirah’s murder is filmed entirely from her perspective. We see Bill leaning in to explain to her why he is angry with her, and why he is slowly starving her of oxygen. We see the hate in his eyes, and we see Naadirah’s hands weakly trying to push against the plastic. It is highly effective in communicating both her sheer terror, and also the full horror of Bill’s behaviour. We, as the audience, are left in no doubt that Naadirah is nothing more than an obstacle that is being eliminated. Bill has dehumanised her...

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