#115 - Booksmart (2)
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The characters of Gigi and Jared are brilliantly written and performed. Gigi appears to be a quintessential diva. Jared appears to be shallow and self-obsessed. Molly and Amy cross paths with the two of them repeatedly through the evening – with Gigi’s habit of popping up everywhere becoming a running joke. Immediately after the film reaches its denouement, however, Molly finds herself having a real conversation with Jared for the first time, and he notes that nobody in the school knows him at all, except for Gigi. None of the rumours are true, and his platonic friendship with Gigi is based on the fact that she is fiercely loyal, while being a very sad person. He takes great care in looking after her, and she looks out for him. This revelation suddenly re-frames all of the scenes we have watche...

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