#114 - The Kingdom (2)
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margin-right:0cm">This is a brutal, brutal fight. It is neither glamorous, nor balletic. This is a scene in which Janet Mayes is fighting for her life, and that of her colleague. She does not hesitate, though we know she is scared. She simply throws herself into it, and fights to the death. Eventually, Leavitt tries to help and this provides her with the opportunity to land the fatal blows – a knife to the groin, followed by a knife to the back of the head.

This scene is the defining moment for token woman character, Janet Mayes. She has been quietly needing to take revenge for the murder of her mentor, and here, she is desperate to avoid the fate that certainly awaits her colleague, Leavitt. She seems to channel all of that rage and sense of injustice into killing this man with her bare hands. Mayes...

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