#110 - The Predator (2018) (2)
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he means, too – and that kind of shared understanding only occurs when the unspoken thing is a universally true fact.

When Nebraska and Williams return to the room, they find the men gathered by Casey’s bedside, fussing over a number of items and their placement – including a teacup, and a foil unicorn. When McKenna asks what they are doing, they reply together that they wanted to make Casey feel comfortable when she wakes up. When she does wake up, her first instinct is to jump up, grab a gun, and point it at the men – expecting to need to defend herself against this group, because she also understands that unspoken thing; she has also lived her life, steeped in rape culture. After some discussion, however, she concedes that they pose no threat to her, and that she should join th...

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