#100 - Mad Max: Fury Road (4)
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credentials. As this moment in the film is widely considered to be the pivotal point at which everything changes, and it is precipitated by Max, some male critics have argued that this is proof of the film not being feminist.

Taken out of context, this could be considered accurate. If this scene had occurred within a Male Gaze version, in which Max had rescued a group of women from an evil and abusive tyrant (along the lines of Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome), then that assessment would certainly be accurate. But that’s not what Mad Max: Fury Road is, and so this scene sees Max approach Furiosa, who is the leader of a group, and offer her counsel. He does not tell her what to do. He simply proposes an alternate plan, and explains why he thinks it is the better option.

Furiosa c...

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