#100 - Mad Max: Fury Road (3)
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is heavily pregnant, and known to be Immortan Joe’s “favourite.” The other four revere her, with one recalling that Angharad called bullets “anti-seeds – you plant one, and watch something die.” Toast The Knowing (Zoe Kravitz) is much more comfortable than the others when it comes to handling guns and weapons, and she assumes responsibility for counting ammunition. Capable (Riley Keough) exudes compassion, and takes a more considered approach to situations than the others. It is she that comforts Nux the War Boy when he concedes his failure in impressing Immortan Joe. The Dag (Abbey Lee) is perhaps the most direct of the Wives, always being the first to lean over shout obscenities at the menfolk.

Cheedo The Fragile (Courtney Eaton), on the other hand, is actually keen to return t...

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