John Wick: Chapter Three - Parabellum (2)
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marker, and she takes responsibility for her actions by allowing The Adjudicator’s thugs to run her hands through with a sword. It is a warning. She remains in her position of power, but we sadly do not see her in this story again.

Sofia (Halle Berry) is an assassin who has crossed paths with John Wick before – perhaps in a collaborative sense. He goes to her in Casablanca because he has her marker, and she therefore also owes him a favour. She is initially hostile toward him and, to be honest, that frostiness barely thaws. We discover that the favour is owed because John Wick helped Sofia’s daughter escape life under The High Table. He knows where she is, but Sofia does not, because her daughter would be endangered if she did. Sofia describes the daily pain of being apart from her child,...

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