Avengers: Endgame (4)
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those leaders should let white men from outside lead them, or whether they should continue to lead themselves. Everything that has happened so far in this series – including the 2012 Chitauri attack on New York City - is the result of white men arguing about power with other white men. This ‘bridging’ moment, though, shows something very different. It shows women from across space and time coming together as one, egalitarian unit. Women do things differently, and if the future of the MCU is female, the future of the MCU will be different, too. This is further hinted at when Thor anoints Valkyrie as his successor to the Asgardian throne.

We can only hope the future will be different, because this film, in and of itself, is no friend of women. If justice were to be truly served, it would...

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