The Bill & Ted Franchise (3)
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Ross) of the Alaskan Military School, before fawning over her new husband. We see Bill’s father – now a visibly broken man – watching in quiet devastation from a corner. The scene is framed such that Bill’s father - and indeed all the men leering at Missy - is suddenly a victim of their own lechery. It is a masterful switch of the framing used for Missy’s character in the first film.

Finally, there is the overall satirical point of Bill and Ted, which is the prevalence of extreme hero worship in modern media. The franchise hinges on the idea that the creative output of these two men can eradicate war, inequality, and poverty. It can make the planets align, and save humanity from itself. Their big breakout performance is seen at the end of Bogus Journey, with people watching the b...

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