The Bill & Ted Franchise (2)
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at the all-important Battle Of The Bands. However, after she facilitates their success, she literally unzips herself to reveal that she was Rufus all along. The only woman of colour with a speaking role in the movie is actually a white man in disguise – which is problematic enough in terms of optics, but when you look past that and into the power dynamics, that plot twist takes a much deeper turn. We realise that Rufus, a white man, has rigged the Battle Of The Bands entry process in favour of two white male teens, using the visage of a black woman to hide his influence.

Then, there’s the language. As characters, Bill and Ted are uniquely defined by their language – which is a striking blend of West Coast slacker and almost Shakespearean turns of phrase (“Our girlfriends are most chaste.&rd...

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