Captain Marvel (3)
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of Maria and Frank Rambeau. She was the first Captain Marvel after the original Mar-Vell (a man), and she was the first African-American member of the Avengers. She was a lieutenant in the Harbour Patrol in New Orleans, when she accidentally absorbed extra-dimensional energy from a dangerous weapon. She then became a powerful superhero named Captain Marvel, and went on to lead the Avengers after The Wasp.

In this film, however, Monica Rambeau is an 11 year old girl (played well by Akira Akbar) who is the daughter of Carol Danvers’ best friend, Maria (brilliantly portrayed by Lashana Lynch). She gazes up at Carol as Captain Marvel with awe and wonder, and comments about how inspired she is. The wilful distortion is absolutely clear – Marvel Studios has taken the character of Maria Rambeau, made her essenti...

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