The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs (3)
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In a Hollywood that produces stories centred on white men, it means we all have to recognise ourselves, and relate to, white men – which makes the white male experience the default. 

But, then comes the final ‘thump.’ 

“I must say, it’s always interesting watching them, after Clarence has worked his art. Watching them negotiate. The passage, from here to there. To the other side. Watching them try to make sense of it as they pass to that other place. I do like looking into their eyes as they try to make sense of it. I do. I do,” says Thigpen – staring into the lens at the viewer. 

“And do they ever succeed?” asks Mrs Betjeman, clearly frightened. 

“How would I know?” asks Thigpen. “I’m...

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