Dr Strangelove or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb (2)
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time, reveals through his behaviour that he is increasingly disturbed. As the wider Air Force try to gain access to the base to retrieve the call-back code from Ripper, Burpelson forces fight back, believing them to be Russian. Mandrake becomes increasingly desperate and engages Ripper himself, only for Ripper to take his own life in a bathroom.

In the War Room, a great many military and political officials gather with President Merkin Muffley (also Peter Sellers) to deal with the situation. Also present, in an advisory capacity as Director of Weapons Research and Development, is Dr Strangelove (also Peter Sellers), who is a former Nazi scientist who presumably defected to the U.S during Operation Paperclip. As the chaos unfolds, the stakes are made clear by the Russian Ambassador, Alexei de Sadeski (Peter Bull). The R...

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