Ant-Man And The Wasp (2)
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of Hank and Hope’s plan to rescue Janet from a 30-year exile in the Quantum Realm, she seeks to extract quantum energy from Janet to heal herself – at the risk of killing Janet.

At the centre of all of this is the lab operated by Hank and Hope, which itself can be shrunk to the size of a wheeled suitcase. So, Hank and Hope are chasing the missing Tunnel component, and Burch and Ghost are chasing the shrinkable lab (and its remote control). And, of course, the FBI are trying to catch out Scott Lang, who has absconded from his house arrest thanks to Hope swapping his ankle tracker onto a giant ant and leaving it in his house when she abducted him. Lang is also trying to launch his new security consultation business, which he has set up with ex-criminal friends Luis (Michael Pena), Dave (Tip &ls...

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