The Autopsy Of Jane Doe (1)
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The Autopsy Of Jane Doe begins, as many horror movies do, with a brutal murder. Police officers and detectives are investigating a bloody crime scene that involves the inside of an entire house, with multiple bodies of men and women, strewn through the rooms. One detective notes that there is no sign of forced entry, and that it appears the victims were trying to get out of the house, before another calls out from the basement. There, he has found the naked corpse of a young woman – partially buried in the dirt floor, and in pristine condition.

It is this woman around whom the movie revolves. She is the titular Jane Doe – played by Olwen Kelly. Jane Doe is transferred by Sheriff Burke (Michael McElhatton) to the Tilden Funeral Home, which is operated by County Coroner, Tommy Tilden (Brian...

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