Solaris (2002) (3)
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In terms of both ‘real’ Rheya, and ‘replica’ Rheya, the thing Kelvin is unable to fathom is the fact that Rheya seeks only to determine her own future. In a very patriarchal way, Kelvin wants to be the one to call her shots.

And then, there is ‘final’ Rheya – the version that comes to him in his kitchen in the final scene, when we know that Kelvin is actually still on the space station. She tells him they are beyond life and death, and that their individual past actions are all forgiven. This Rheya is calm and self-assured. There is not a trace of self-doubt or concern evident as she offers comfort and solace to her husband. This is an interesting outcome for the story because, in a very real way, Kelvin gets what he wants. He gets to spend eternity with a version o...

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