A Quiet Place (3)
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you could see it as an analogy for the internet in today’s society – women speak up and are immediately, figuratively, torn to shreds by sexist men. In that analogy, Lee is something of a bumbling ally – trying to do his best to understand the situation that women are in, and trying his best to help. Sometimes he listens; often, he just ploughs ahead with the self-assurance of someone who assumes he is doing the right thing.

Ultimately, he is torn to shreds, too, but provides an example to the next generation of men – his son, Marcus – as to how to be a better ally. That’s why, in the final scene, Marcus shelters the baby behind the staircase, leaving Evelyn and Regan free to confront the predatory creatures. While Marcus was earlier best placed to save Regan from the alien...

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